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We are presently registrars for Lii Hen Industries Berhad, Magni-Tech Industries Berhad, YLI Holdings Berhad, Unimech Group Berhad, Eng Kah Corporation Berhad, Tek Seng Holdings Berhad, Eurospan Holdings Berhad, Pensonic Holdings Berhad, See Hup Consolidated Berhad and Muar Ban Lee Group Berhad. We are also the local registrars for one U.K. listed company and other unlisted public companies.

Our share registration software and our experienced staff provide highly efficient handling of all aspects of share registration work, including Corporate Exercise e.g. Rights Issue, Warrant Issue, Bonus Issue, Loan Stock Conversion/Redemption, Capital Repayment and eDividend and e-Interest payment (electronic payment with collaboration with the banks in Malaysia.)

The location of a company’s share registrars within a reasonable distance of its head office is essential for rapid liaison especially when corporate exercises are in hand. Our location, which has 24-hour security is just next door to Beach Street Police Station, minimises the possibilities of any records being damaged by burglary. Our proximity to the General Post Office facilitates the prompt and economical despatch of circulars, notices and other correspondence. Through the years, we have built up good working relationships with Investment banks, Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn. Berhad, Bursa Malaysia and other authorities involved in public listing and share registration.

Plantation Agencies Sdn Berhad

Registration No. 195501000033 (2603-D)
3rd Floor, 2 Lebuh Pantai,
10300 George Town,
Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : 04-2625 333, 04-2614 417, 04-2624 518
Fax : 04-2622 018, 04-2625 348
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