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1. For more than 30 years the company has acted as advisers/inspectors of rubber, cocoa, tea and coffee estates of P.T. J.A. Wattie & Co. in Indonesia.

2. The rehabilitation construction and commissioning of nine crumb rubber factories in Kerala State in South India financed by The World Bank for The Rubber Board, India.

3. The construction of crumb and latex concentrate factories for Industrias de Latex S.A. and Introsa Guatemala.

4. The planting, development and management of a pilot plantation of rubber and cocoa for P.T. Georgia Pacific in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

5. The development of oil palms for Thai Palm Development Co. Ltd. in Thailand.

6. Original consultants for RGA/AAA/Indosawit Group in Indonesia. Introduced accounting and reporting systems, compiled training manual and started school for executives. Assisted in locating and purchasing new estates for what is now one of Indonesia's largest plantation groups.

7. The supervision of large scale rubber planting in Kalimantan for World Bank.

8. Reporting on services provided by the Government of Guatemala to the rubber industry in that country, commissioned by the Rubber Planters Association of Guatemala.

9. The provision of consultancy services for Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. of the Philippines for the company's plantation factory operations.

10. Consultants to the Hatyai, Thailand, Rubber Research Centre factory for experimental work on TTR Block sheets and comminuted sheets, preparation of shipment of palletised sheets as TTR and construction of proposed new pallet - for the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

11. Designing and supervising the construction of a new crumb/rubber factory for Indo Java Rubber Plantations Ltd. in Central Java.

12. Technical consultant for putting up a 10-tonne per day crumb/rubber factory and laboratory at PTPI factory in Langsa, Aceh Timor, Medan, Indonesia.

13. INRO Quality Inspector - to examine the quality of all grades of NR purchased by INRO under the International Buffer Stock Scheme.

14. Feasibility studies on the planting of rubber and oil palms (involving 600,000 ha.), construction of Technically Specified Rubber factories, palm oil mills, palm oil refineries and marketing of produce in the Province of Vientiane, Borikhamsay and Champasak in Lao P.D.R.

15. Feasibility studies on the rehabilitation of the existing RSS factories and construction of Technically Specified Rubber factories in the provinces of Quang Binh and Quang Tri in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

16. Inspection and report on 13 oil palm projects in the States of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka in India.

17. Feasibility study for the privatisation of oil palm plantations in Nigeria.

18. Technical consultant on the construction of a 20-tonne per day TSR 20 Factory for Intagro Co. Ltd., Calabar, Nigeria.

19. Many feasibility studies for the development of large oil palm and coconut plantations in Indonesia.

20. Preliminary study for the planting of 40,000ha. of oil palms in Papua New Guinea.

21. Inspection of nucleus oil palm estates established by the private sector in Indonesia, in conjunction with the transmigration scheme.

22. Planning and implementing the development of the first oil palm plantation and mill in Prey Nouk District, Cambodia, for Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Co. Ltd. Planting commenced in 1997.

23. Feasibility and cost study on the proposal to establish 10,000 ha. of oil palm plantation in the Provinces of Koh Kong and Kg. Speu, Cambodia.

24. Consultants for the proposed privatisation of PTPN IV in Indonesia.

25. Regular inspection and reporting on established oil palm estates in Indonesia.

26. Due diligence report of 40,500 ha. of secondary jungle land proposed for development into an oil palm plantation in the Kabupaten of Kutai Timur, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia, for TSH Resources Berhad, Malaysia.

27. Agri-tech due diligence on potential plantation land of 17,800 ha. for oil palm cultivation in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, for Noble Resources Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

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